The “Millers” (Smiths) are all safely home and returned healthy and happy. Although we all agreed that we could have easily stayed much longer, we returned with memories of a lifetime!

YOU Johnny, were the main part of making our 2017 trip to Africa one of the highlights of each of our lives. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Roland and I cannot possibly give our children and family greater gifts than world travel, experiences shared together and making lifelong friends from around the world. The time we all shared in South Africa hunting, laughing, story telling, eating and drinking as “family” are simply priceless.

My sincere hope and prayer is that we see you again soon. If you are in the US, I will do my part to get us to you or have you come see us or both. We must get together again.

I’ve always loved the outdoors and hunting, but hunting with you, Hannes, Polky and my family was the ultimate and we will do it again in the near future.

Melissa Smith, USA