Planning a photographic safari can be an exciting time, but eventually arriving after all the months of planning, saving up money and a long distance traveled, it can sometimes be an overwhelming event. Therefore it’s nice to have some tips to help you be more comfortable and at ease for the day when you finally arrive.

First things first, how to start planning can be an overwhelming experience by itself. In our experience, doing private tours is a little more expensive but so worth the money. Not only can you adapt the itinerary as the day(s) go by but you also have an experienced guide all to yourself (or at least only a small group of 10 people) and you will be able to get closer to animals as these guides have permission to sometimes go off the roads and drive to where the action is.

Speaking of action, another question we frequently get asked is what the best camera will be to bring along to capture all of these wonderful adventures.
To be able to get close shots of the wildlife and birds you will see on your safari, a lense starting at 200 mm is a must or if you are using an all in one camera you will at least need a 20 x zoom.

The next step will be to make sure you pack enough memory cards to be able not to limit yourself with the pictures you will and can take. And as any informed person knows, technology has a way of letting you down when you need it most so make sure you have a backup option for your images while on the road.

When in Africa things can also sometimes go dark – literally. We have this thing called Load Shedding (more of that another time!) so make sure you don’t run out of power on your camera. Bring at least two batteries to have one fully charged at all times and try to get a car charger so you can ask your guide to charge it for you in the vehicle while you drive and a travel adapter to charge it in your room at night.

If you travel with your family it’s most important to enjoy the moment with them and to take lots of pictures of your family enjoying the trip as well. We bet in 10 years’ time you will be happier to have a shot of your children gushing about a lion they are seeing than having 20 shots of just the lion by itself.

Enjoy the moment every step of the way and make sure your families memories of the trip includes something other than you looking through your camera all the time!

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