Wisdom from Johnny

A client that arrives on safari with his correspondence and contract that is 100% in order and he acknowledges with you that all is square and agreed upon. A client that has a well-worn pair of hunting boots; dark green colour clothing (or camo) with a hat/cap that is dark green or camo’, a watch that does not reflect or has a cover over the glass; a rifle that he is used to shooting and has practiced with a lot at the range; a rifle that has had ALL the nuts & bolts lock tightened, that has a nice crisp trigger with a great quality variable scope; good quality ammo that has been recommended by the PH who he is hunting with; A client that understands that hunting is hunting, that he is in Africa and understands that yes! shit does happen sometimes and that tomorrow is another day.

A client that informs the PH that there is NO pressure on him for minimum horn sizes, and should a record book trophy be taken then great so be it. A client that reassures the PH that it is the quality of the hunt that he, as the client is looking forward to the most; In other words, a client that arrives on safari well prepared, is excited and shows enthusiasm to be on safari and has respect for the animals and environment; 10 out of 10 times these genuine clients are the making of an agreeable client which invariably turns out to be a fun and memorable safari for both client, PH and all staff.