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Photographic Safari

Planning a Photographic Safari

Planning a photographic safari can be an exciting time, but eventually arriving after all the months of planning, saving up money and a long distance traveled, it can sometimes...
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Johnny Vivier

TV Celebrity Bob Richardson

TV celebrity Bob Richardson, Mark Geist and Johnny Vivier posing for a picture at the ATA show. Archery Trade Association in Indianapolis.-
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Archery Trade Association

Archery Trade Association – Bowhunting

Bwana Scott Schultz and Johnny Vivier at the Scentblocker booth at the ATA show Indianapolis. Archery Trade Association in Indianapolis.- The Archery Trade Association is the organization for...
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Words of Wisdom from Johnny

A client that arrives on safari with his correspondence and contract that is 100% in order and he acknowledges with you that all is square and agreed upon. A...
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