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Magnificent Trophy Waterbuck

Magnificent Trophy Waterbuck. Safari, Hunting, Africa, Trophy, Waterbuck. Found in the warmest (northern) parts of the Northern Province, especially the Limpopo valley, as well as in the Lowveld areas of Mpumalanga, as well as in a part of central to north east KwaZulu-Natal. The name of the buck is...
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Big Game Hunting

Big Game Hunting in South Africa

The popularity of game hunting in South Africa is mostly accredited to the vast land scapes to offer as well as the extreme diversity of wildlife available in the Republic of South Africa. The most hunted species in South Africa is the antelope. There are many different types of...
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Photographic Safari

Planning a Photographic Safari

Planning a photographic safari can be an exciting time, but eventually arriving after all the months of planning, saving up money and a long distance traveled, it can sometimes be an overwhelming event. Therefore it’s nice to have some tips to help you be more comfortable and at ease...
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Melissa Smith, USA – Testimonial

The “Millers” (Smiths) are all safely home and returned healthy and happy. Although we all agreed that we could have easily stayed much longer, we returned with memories of a lifetime! YOU Johnny, were the main part of making our 2017 trip to Africa one of the highlights of...
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Johnny Vivier

Johnny Vivier PRO hunter on Facebook

I was born in Lusaka Zambia 19th December 1959 and we lived in Luanshya on the copper belt. I attended boarding school in Umtali Rhodesia from a tender age of 8 years old; later my family immigrating to Bulawayo Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) where I was to become a prefect at...
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Meet me at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada – February 1 – February 4 2017

SCI’S 2017 Annual Hunters Convention – The Ultimate Sportsmen’s Booth numbers: Wintershoek Safaris Bowhunting: 3680-3682, Wintershoek Safaris: 3572-3676 Johnny Vivier – USA Cell 636 248 1449 (johnny@wintershoek.com) Wintershoek Safaris Office Contact Informatio in South Africa: Driaan van Niekerk, admin@wintershoek.com, Tel:+27 53 204 0042 THE BIGGEST & THE BEST GOES...
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Johnny Vivier

Meeting with Special Forces Mark Geist

Johnny Vivier and Special Forces Mark Geist of Benghazi 13 hours – having a nice chat in the Scentblocker booth at ATA. 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi | “Oz and Max” | Paramount Pictures International – Archery Trade Association in Indianapolis.- www.archerytrade.org/trade-show
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Archery Trade Association

Archery Trade Association – Bowhunting

Bwana Scott Schultz and Johnny Vivier at the Scentblocker booth at the ATA show Indianapolis. Archery Trade Association in Indianapolis.- www.archerytrade.org/trade-show The Archery Trade Association is the organization for manufacturers, retailers, distributors, sales representatives and others working in the archery and bowhunting industry.The ATA has served its members since...
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Words of Wisdom from Johnny

A client that arrives on safari with his correspondence and contract that is 100% in order and he acknowledges with you that all is square and agreed upon. A client that has a well-worn pair of hunting boots; dark green colour clothing (or camo) with a hat/cap that is...
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